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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bacteria Thrive on Shopping Cart Handles?

·         Shopping Cart Handles are the most Bacteria Infected Items

At times we have seen parents do shopping with children’s on cart handles, but we have over look the content of bacteria breeding ground in this area. A survey conducted by the Korea Consumer Protection Board, test conducted on six items that commonly handle by public and run the test for the Bacteria content, and they have identified shopping cart handles are the most infected item.

Shopping cart handles led the way with 1,100 colony forming units of Bacteria pre 1.55 sg inches followed by a mouse used on computers internet cafes, which had an average of 690 colony forming units. The reason that shopping cart handles had so much bacteria is because the area is larger than the others and people have more space to place their hands.
And an other area is on hand straps on buses were next with 380 units, followed by Bathroom door knobs at 340.Rounding up the list were the elevator buttons at 130 colony forming units, and the hand straps on subway 86.

we cant see bacteria with our naked eyes, but washing hands with soap removes almost all of the bacteria.

Prevention is better than Cure.

World's Longest Venomous King Cobra Captured in Malaysia.

·         World's Longest Venomous King Cobra 18ft 2" Caputred in Malaysia.
The World's Longest Venomous King Cobra 18ft 2", have so far been identified as the Longest, and it was Captured in April 1937, at Port Dickson, the state of Nergri Sembilan, in MALAYSIA. Then it was send to Zoo at England, and grew up to 18ft 9".An average King Cobra's length is about 12ft to 15ft only
King Cobras live in much of mainland areas like India, Southern China, the Philippines and through out the dense forest of south east Asia. A fully grown King Cobra can deliver enough venom to kill a full grown Asian elephant in 3 hours. It capable to injecting more venom than any other snake expect the Gabon viper, and also its able to stand upright threating posture with its hook high as 6ft.The Females lays eggs approximately 20- 50 eggs, and the incubation takes around 60-80 days. An average life span of a King Cobra is around 25 year 

Note: 1) Most Snake Milked. Over a 14 years period from 1951 to 1965, Benard Keyter,a supervisor at south African institute for medical research in Johannesburg, south Africa, milked a record 780,000 venomous snakes obtaining 870 gal of venom, and he was not bitten.

2) Most Cobras Kissed , Gordon Cates of Alachua, Florida USA, kissed 10    monocle cobras, and a 15ft King Cobra consecutively on sept 25,1999.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

250 Years Century Old Tortoise?

·         Adwaita a giant Tortoise at Kolkata India died at the age of 250, on 22/3/06.
Adwaita was ONE of the oldest Tortoise claim to be lived 250 years old, and to determine the exact age is now under propose for carbon dating.

Adwaita was a gift to Robert Clive of the East India Company from the British seafares who captured 4Tortoise from the Seychelles Island.3 have died, while Adwaita was transferred to Alipore zoo in 1875 by Carl Louis Schewedler the founder of the zoo during that time.

Harriet this another name of a Tortoise live from 1830- June 23 2006 was a Galapogos Tortoise who has an estimated age of 175, at the time of her death in Australia.

It was reported the Harriet was collected by Charles Darwin himself during 1835 visit to Galapagos Islands as part of his round the world survey expedition, transported to England, and then brought Harriet to final home at Australia, by a retiring captain of the Beagle.

There was another Tortoise by the name Tu'i Malila, from (1777-May ,191965) Female Tortoise born around 1777 and then given by Captain Cook to the Tonga royal family .She was estimated to be 188 years old died on May 19 1965.

So for Adwaita's carbon dating age, we need to wait for the relevant authority’s confirmation report.